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When Held

A film by Leo Bill & Tobias Menzies

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Still photography by Marc Brenner, all rights reserved.



Whilst a dance therapist works with him online, a man battles with himself to try and heal the past and come to terms with a global lockdown.





When Held began life on Tobias Menzies’ mobile phone.
Inspired by movement therapy he was undertaking, Tobias began recording fragments of choreography at home while living alone through a
global pandemic. 


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The piece is conceived by Tobias Menzies (The Crown, Outlander) and directed by Leo Bill (Rare Beasts, In Fabric).

In collaboration with director Leo Bill, Tobias began to develop a movement piece from the filmed material. With theatres empty across the world, the Almeida Theatre invited Tobias & Leo to use their stage to create a piece, and over three days, shot a film pushing at the boundaries of where film, performance and dance meet in the hope of creating an hypnotic, fresh and original expression of what it means to be held.

When Held premiered at the prestigious V&A Museum London, as part of their Performance Festival 2022. It was screened all day on a loop in the Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre.


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